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Exterior Coating

Ecofriendly non-toxic water based products protecting the wood from UV rays of sun and rain.
Hassle free maintenance is our USP.

Why Exterior Coating ?

It is a well known fact that wood tends to breathe, and due to the seasonal expansion and contraction, it absorbs moinsture from the atmosphere and develops cracks , eventually peels off when it is continiuosly exposed to the harmful U.V rays of the sun and rain.

Wooden door, frames and window shutters.

Since in India, following vaasthu is an popular concept, the main door of a residence is usually kept facing the east or north.

East facing doors and windows including frames are directly exposed to the UV rays of the sun and this results in the craking and peeling of the wood if a proper wood coating is not used.

Also in India we have a habit of washing the front door and vascal for regular poojas and due to the exposure to water element, the chances of fading of the coating are more.

Traditionally, malamine and polish have been used and a closed grain finish is predominant in India. This does not allow the wood to breathe properly and also for a long time, hence we find the wood to crack and peel.

We in Hydro Wood Coating recommend to use , SAYERLACK WATERBASE P.U COATINGS giving an open pore finish where our product after application of the customised and desired colour, has excellent elasticity and durable characteristics for ideal protection from U.V radiation and it remains elastic overtime without any embrittlement.

Wooden/Tree houses

Unlike the doorframes and window shutters which are partially exposed during the day, The above are continiuosly exposed through out the day, hence it require special coating.

Pool decks

Sayerlack has high quality thixotropic clear water base products with special U.V absorbers and radical scavnegers which ensures adeuquate protection, Elasticity and abrasion resistance.

Gardern furniture.

We also recommend and provide services to apply periodical maitaincane wax / products to ensure protection and duarbility.

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